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The Bus he was on was about to depart, She held tightly onto the water bottle and

didn't stretch forward to give it to him

Because she might lose him forever

when the bottle leaves her fingers.

the revving of the engine and

the hotness from beneath the bus

echoed the empty heat

that was scorching her from within.

Her eyes were dry

Aching to even blink

for the vehicle would take away

every ounce of happiness

she didn’t realise to have possessed for the past month

She began "If there was something I had to tell you

Would it change us forever,

Will I regret my words that would leave me

Cause I don’t want you to" His face sunk into a seriousness

that aged him within seconds

He was concerned

"Why would anything change our relationship

if they were your thoughts, I’d want to know

Why would anything stop you from sharing it with me

Aren’t we better than that, ?"

Her name slipped out of his lips with care that the tense air lacked

She felt like she’d made a mistake by starting this conversation

She should have held onto her silence further

Much longer than the road would have, of her love

"I’m into you,

I realise you don’t share the same feelings as I do

But I just wanted it out before I could lose my peace forever" she finished,

The bus pulled a little forward and

the noise drowned her muffles at the end.

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