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untethered companions

The musty smell of damp clothes announced his arrival and she felt like slipping out of the doors before he could catch sight of her. A terrible mood is understatement when getting drenched was just a minor inconvenience among the events of the day. He was visibly fuming, hotter than the oven behind him yet was doing no good in drying off his attire.

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பேதை நானே இன்பம் தேடி அலைந்தேனே, நீர் வீழ்ச்சியை கான வானம் எல்லை சென்றேனே.

கனவுகள் மறந்திட துயரங்கள் உணவாகி என்னை உறுக்கிட மன்னின் உயிரினங்கள் உடலை திங்க கண்டென்.

At the call of the one who remember's their dead lover one is alive despite being dead the perishable body shall only hold onto a few years while the consciousness will continue for decades I shall ne