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the abducted

How we’ve all been blind to Stockholm syndrome for all these years.

We never batted an eye when we saw cringeworthy things during our childhood.

This is a light hearted take on the same.

A Girl gets abducted, She is trapped for most of the part of the movie. A Saviour comes along in search of the missing girl and digs deep for all the clues. The Movie closes with the rescue of the kidnapped girl and a righteous end to the perilous kidnapper. This is how most Abduction or Hostage stories begin and end. Now let’s discuss about the Romanticised version of the same where the captor is our Male lead and his hostage is our Female lead.

Let’s begin with the age old claim of Mayavi being a film about Stockholm syndrome. It would have been just that if not for the star cast of the lead pair and all the songs that distract us from the actual scenario.

A Problematic Relationship was actually glorified under the veil of a light hearted humour and family friendly setting. Not to throw just Mayavi under the bus since the Tamil film industry has several such instances specifically with Stockholm syndrome that raises eyebrows.

But let’s look at a few scenarios where it was dealt in a different way. Ethiri directed by the highly acclaimed Mr. K.S.Ravikumar treaded similar lines with the male lead accidentally abducting the female lead. Once they figured out the mishap they were willing to let go of her though the things turned haywire from that point onwards.

The female lead rather preferred the place of her misunderstood captors in comparison to the issues she was facing in her own family. In a humorous take the film played along the symbiotic relationship which eventually lead to a romantic affair.

Running away is never an option they say, Face your problems.

At least I could consider that an option before the quarantine, Now it’s not even available.

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