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Mudhal mariyathai album

Mudhal Mariyadhai got me fantasising about old men, Might sound creepy

But let me elaborate on how a song got a 14 year old dreaming about those in their fifties.

The Song in question specifically was ‘Raasavae’ sung superfluously by Madame S.Janaki. The Entire album was a mindful journey towards understanding the nitty-gritties of first love and infatuation.

At an age when everything in life was in such a rush, the slow paced beats held me down and brought a smile to my lips. When you catch yourself randomly grinning at a blank wall or while speeding through the streets and a conscious blink of the eye focuses us back to life – Raasavae was at the back of my mind. The songs in the album were a thread of story on its own. The play begins with ‘Yeh Kuruvi’ a pet indulgent song which is very gentle and caressing sung by the male lead. The Song establishes the tender nature of his thoughts which is contrasted with the circumstances he exists in. The lyrics catch the attention of the female lead to which she responds in the same tune with sarcasm that lightens the mood. Unaware of the identity of his duet partner, the lead fumbles and tries to hunt for the owner.

The next number is an extension of the same context but is coloured with shades of sadness unlike its quirky and playful predecessor. Poongatru Thirumbuma, A song animated masterfully by the Playback singer Mr. Malaysia Vasudevan would send shivers to both a newbie listener as well as the one accustomed to the tune. The Sentient rhythm braces the lyrics like body and soul which hits the right chord both figuratively and literally. The Male lead’s lamentations along the edge of a lonely field is complemented by the female lead’s words of consolation. He is taken by surprise yet again by the mysterious vocals. He raises the same question but now with delight unlike the interrupted singers’ curiosity he possessed earlier. The song strides the various dimensions of being a note of grief, a conversation and ultimately a curious revelation.

The final single is a string of confessions from the female lead and what got me started in the first place. It begins with an intensified gamakam which is more like a silent cry of joy from a girl’s heart. The Female lead exclaims for emotions for the male lead as answers to his lament. The Escalating emotions she is unable to curtail within herself is conveyed between her promises of withholding his pride. (answering his loneliness) She personifies her internal flutters which is contrasted with her being extra cautious of the world around her in order to keep up the promise of withholding his pride. The Lyrics is a fitting tale of a relationship between a young girl and an older man who might be twice her age. The young mind being engulfed in emotions and the newfound feelings while the old soul being ridden with regret, sorrow and speckles of relish.

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