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Caste divisions which were merely a social construct built to help classify human beings based on the occupation has now engulfed us beyond rescue.

We’ve also witnessed the emergence of a new kind of caste division paralleling the times the older system was being shunned.

The Transition has been from *First name-Caste Name to *First name-Degree or * Professional Tag-First name.

The Point I’d like to make is that caste names lost its relevance when those born under the caste were pursuing a completely different profession and not the one that was passed down the lineage, similarly Those who acquired the degree for the sake of pride or social status come under a likely division.

When the so called upper caste boasted off their caste surnames under the pretence that their profession was considered highly among several other professions the divide started cracking deeper. The Highly acclaimed Professional degree that are the usual pick tread similar lines, the wheel is never broken it has just taken a different form.

The Birthrights we endorsed earlier is now comparable to the intelligence factor as tested by a biased and ludicrous educational system. Validation has always been the key to success in such imprudent circumstances. A man born of high birth but doesn’t follow the ethics of the named profession or worse, doesn’t even pursue a profession is still considered to be a respectable figure. A man who acquired the professional degree yet who doesn’t practice the said profession still possesses the title of the profession.

Let’s repeat history, Our ancestors shed their caste names and Partook in the revolution by affixing their father’s name/initials as their last name. We shall cast away our degrees and hold onto just our birth name and Last name (parent’s name). Isn’t Knowledge what fills the pot and not the adornment itself

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