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Staring at the ruined canvas with colours she detest and forms

she'd never digest to view any longer,

she slathered fresh hues to cover it

like poetry on blacked out and

struck out words on a rejected love letter

a poem for the new lover over the wounds left by another

the canvas regained a new soul without losing its texture

with no peels to be pulled apart from the dead layers

the canvas accepted it like a stability medium to embark a new journey

towards a heightened light source

the protagonist of the painting was yet to arrive

but the scene was set

not a happy yet not a sad one

just a new one

a better one

to welcome the overwritten sonnet

like a new fetus in a womb

that has shredded every month awaiting one for years

and been betrayed

She looks forward for the foreground that now rests in her mind

which will soon be transmitted onto the canvas

that once brought her sorrow

The suffering added a taste that the new ingredients could never have.

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