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arinthum ariyamalum

Arinthum Ariyamalum could have been any Rom-Com heavy Mixed genre films of the 2000’s era but it was much more. It was not a basic entertainer but a well-written film that has aged very well. It’s a recurring feature in KTV’s legendary 8pm movie time.

Characters that weren’t usually a part of a common entertaining screenplay worked to its benefit. The Characters weren’t just some college goers hanging around in the bus stop, They were a part of a theatre club. The Dons weren’t just beating the shit out of everyone out in the open pulling out stunt choreography, they spent most of the time negotiating attended auctions, slipping through the fingers of the cop, Action sequences that were quirky due to the shift of place and the never before seen time jump narration.

Not the usual objects and story lines that drove the plot – the treasured gold waist chord Sathya’s late mother had picked for him that resulted in a sweet encounter with Sandhya.

Let’s just consider this particular detail – the light Coloured eyes among the lead roles. Lakshmi, Adhi narayanan’s wife possessed the light coloured eyes and it reminded him of her every time he sees someone with a similar feature.

When he came to know that he’d lost his unborn child with Lakshmi, He adopts Kutty who possesses the same eyes. Later when he sees Sathya with similar eyes he paused from taking an erratic action against him. I’m not sure if other common entertainers of Tamil cinema had such great details in their script.

This film being director Vishnu Vardhan’s second film made it noteworthy for me.

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